Brush Lightly Through Fireweed Forests

Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin
8th September – 1st October 2022
Cecilia Danell’s exhibition Brush Lightly Through Fireweed Forests encompasses large, hand-tufted rugs and paintings inspired by her own encounters with the landscape of the area in Sweden where she grew up. In her process based practice, research into landscape and the psychology of place is coupled with a strong interest in materiality and making. Treating the landscape as an extension of the Self, Danell’s research takes in classic speculative fiction and Science-Fiction novels, with special focus on how the natural world is rendered in these stories and how it ties in with the human urge to find solace in a primeval landscape, although wilderness is mostly a construct. The notion of constructing narratives particularly interests the artist and in her journeys through the real landscape she’s drawn to settings that have a theatrical, enchanted feel. Historical, water-filled mine holes could be portals into other worlds, a piece of driftwood resembles an ancient, petrified sea creature, there are thickets abundant with fireweed and a tree trunk blazingly illuminated by the winter sun. Although real locations act as the starting point, the process of selecting and rendering each scene creates something separate, more closely related to storybooks and dream imagery. The departure into large-scale rug tufting saw Danell convert her studio into a temporary tufting workshop for the duration of the spring, resulting in two hand-tufted works with a framing reminiscent of theatre scenery, where the tactility of the yarn adds another dimension to the rendering of moss and grasses. The scale of these new works; paintings and rugs, invite the viewer to step into the scene, finding themselves somewhere between reality and fiction.
Video recording of Cecilia Danell & Cristín Leach in conversation at the gallery, 27th September 2022.
Photos: Gillian Buckley