Mutare Animam

Part of the solo exhibition 'Secretly, we thirst for reality'
Wexford Arts Centre, 27th November - 24th December 2012

"My misery comes from my great talent to wear too many masks too well"
- Hermann Hesse

The subject of identity is explored in the film work entitled Mutare Animam. In the film a figure, who is clearly tormented, climbs and crawls through various landscapes. His identity is concealed as he wears a mask which you sense allows him the freedom to act on his baser instincts. The film is inspired by the archetypes in Carl Jung's writings.

6'00 min. extract (full length: 11'40 min.)

Camera/Directing/Editing: Cecilia Danell
Cast: Johnny Danell
Medium: shot on Kodak Tri-x B/W 160 ASA Super 8, edited by hand and transferred to digital.
Soundtrack: Standalone sound piece titled 'You nod to your horse in the drenched forest' in collaboration with Loner Deluxe.
Production year: 2012.

Thank You: Johnny Danell, Catherine Bowe and Wexford Arts Centre, Keith Wallace, Andec Filmtechnik, Berlin.

Film Stills: