Tonight at the Magic Theatre

Part of the solo exhibition 'The Last Wilderness'
Galway Arts Centre, 10th March - 20th April 2017
The Dock Arts Centre, 02nd June - 16th August 2017

'Tonight at the Magic Theatre' is an experimental film shot on Super 8 in the forest landscape of Bona, Co. Östergötland and at an old provincial theatre in the town Vadstena, Sweden.Animated geometric shapes move between the artificial nature of the theatre sets and the real landscape. Questioning the fine line between reality and dream, truth and fiction. The soundtrack by Sofia Ek utilises found sounds from the shoots coupled with science fiction references. A theatre of the mind where we are thrown between seasons and settings, not unlike the botched logic of dreams. It is being exhibited surrounded by a laser cut plywood forest, which references the film's theatre sets.

Duration: 12'55 min.
Director: Cecilia Danell
Camera: Cecilia Danell
Assistants: Sofia Ek, Leif Danell, Gunnel Ingberg Danell
Editing: Cecilia Danell
Soundtrack: Sofia Ek
Sound editing: Keith Wallace
Logistics: Leif Danell
Film Processing: Andec Filmtechnik, Super 8 Reversal Lab
Digital Scan: Super 8 Ireland
Funding: Irish Arts Council Project Award 2017.

Shot on Kodak Vision 3 Super 8 colour negative film.
© 2017

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