Galway Arts Centre, Ireland and Red House Arts Center, Syracuse NY USA, 2010.

Created as part of the exhibition {un}familiar curated by Maeve Mulrennan.

Through the presentation of real spaces and their manufactured counterparts the video deals with the fine line between what is real and what is not, and asks whether we can ever know the original from the copy. The imagery is shifting and changing, showing a world that is both beautiful and frightening, similar to the human psyche. It references Jungian dream theory where the house is known to represent different aspects of the self.

5'00 min. extract (full length: 13'07 min.)

Credits: camera, editing and soundtrack by Cecilia Danell.

Thanks to: Maeve Mulrennan, Robert and Mia Lagerhem, Johnny Danell, and my parents.

Video Stills: