Tulca Festival of Visual Arts
Curated by Aisling Prior. Galway 7th - 23rd November 2014.

"Loneliness is one thing, solitude is another: that - you have learned now! And that among human beings you will always be wild and strange."
- Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

In her work Cecilia Danell explores how places impact on a person in a psychological sense, how they shape and define us and how this ties in with metaphors and archetypes. She depicts the rural landscape in Sweden where she grew up, but rather than being autobiographical in nature, she uses the landscape that she knows to stage a metaphorical merging between the outer environment and the inner being. The work she is presenting in Tulca is a further exploration of the dual nature of the individual and the fine line between dream and reality.

"Cecilia Danell's Memory Landscapes of the Swedish countryside epitomise the jagged urban-rural, nature-culture overlap characteristic of most of the world we know."
- Aidan Dunne, Irish Times (18/11/14)

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