Adventure Time

Cecilia Danell and EimearJean McCormack
Curated by: Emily O'Flynn
TACTIC, Cork. 21st April - 12th May 2016.

Part of a collaborative project between Engage Studios, Galway and Sample Studios, Cork.
Thank you to the Nordic Artists' Centre Dale, Norway who facilitated the making of my work for this exhibition.

'In 2009 Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall died at the age of 56. Hall is best known for surviving a night at more than 28,000 feet on Mount Everest in 2006. He'd become disoriented near the summit, and couldn't move - to the peril of his sherpas. They left him for dead and Hall's death was announced to his family. But the next day, a group of climbers found Hall sitting up, jacket unzipped, mumbling, badly frostbitten - but alive. He later wrote a book, "Dead Lucky: Life After Death on Mount Everest."Hall died middle aged from a human-caused malady from urban life - mesothelioma, attributed to childhood exposure to asbestos.'

(- Excerpt from the curatorial statement)

My artworks featured in the exhibition:

Installation shots: