Mise en scène

Cecilia Danell and Eamon O'Kane
Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris
18th September - 31st October 2021.

Centre Culturel Irlandais is delighted to present Mise en scène, a joint exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptural works by Swedish artist Cecilia Danell, who is based in Ireland, and Denmark-based Irish artist Eamon O'Kane. Both explore encounters with landscape. Their approaches upend romantic notions of nature as untended wilderness by drawing attention to human activity, be it in the shape of decaying remnants, architectural constructions or treasured trees. Places become imbued with artifice in a dialectic relationship with the environment which these works represent in all their theatricality.

Listen back to Cecilia Danell and Eamon O'Kane in conversation with journalist Sophie Sassi Gorman at the opening of the exhibition.

Cecilia Danell artworks:

Exhibition Images: