The Consoling Dream Necessity

Solo exhibition.
Talbot Gallery, Dublin 11th January - 4th February 2012.

Including a gallery conversation between Cecilia Danell and Jennie Moran, 2nd February.

This body of work is a personal search for meaning, of dealing with contemporary life coloured by Danell's Scandinavian heritage and upbringing. It is also a look at the broader human condition. Where do we situate ourselves in the world and how does a particular place impact on a person? and what if one is torn between two places, maybe not feeling fully at home in either one? Danell is questioning the promotion of happiness as a commodity, specifically seen in the yearning for the dream home. She also explores ways of mapping out space as well as the human urge for ordering and classifying as means to understand the world around us.

Thank you to Elaine Grainger and the rest of the Talbot Gallery staff for making the exhibition possible, to Michaële Cutaya for writing the essay 'Unpacking the Flatpack', to Fiona Hession for helping in the making of the box-sets,to Jennie Moran for joining me for the gallery conversation and to the Arts Council for funding the 'Build your own: Scandinavian loneliness' project.


Gallery shots: